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Deadly Yemen violence exposes divisions within coalition fighting Houthis

12:45 Uhr
Yemen´s embattled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi said Monday that a "coup" is underway in his government´s seat of power in the southern city of Aden, where separatists allied with the United Arab Emirates were battling his forces for a second day.

Kremlin calls U.S. sanctions report an attempt to meddle in Russian election

12:36 Uhr
The Russian government says a new U.S. sanctions report that´s expected to be released imminently is an attempt to influence Russia´s presidential election in March.

Winter flu, Brexit put beloved U.K. health service on sickbed

11:11 Uhr
This winter, a daily drip of grim stories from Britain´s health care system has triggered a flood of alarm.

Philippines volcano has Duterte looking at permanently relocating nearby villagers

10:12 Uhr
The Philippines" defence chief has recommended that villages in a danger zone around erupting Mount Mayon be turned into a permanent "no man´s land" to avoid evacuating thousands of residents each time the country´s most active volcano explodes, an idea that appears to have President Rodrigo Duterte´s support.

Fitness devices may reveal sensitive info about soldiers" locations

09:45 Uhr
An interactive map found online can show the locations and activities of people who use fitness devices such as Fitbit, raising security concerns about soldiers and other people who are at U.S. military bases in sensitive areas.

"A step forward": NAFTA Round 6 talks wrap up in Montreal with some progress

08:46 Uhr
Trade ministers from Canada, Mexico and the United States wrapped up the sixth NAFTA negotiations in Montreal, agreeing some progress was made but acknowledging tough challenges still lie ahead to strike a new deal.

Afghan soldiers guarding Kabul military academy killed in attack

08:39 Uhr
ISIS militants attacked Afghan soldiers guarding a military academy in the capital of Kabul on Monday, killing at least 11 troops and wounding 16.

Russian team banned from 2018 Paralympics

08:14 Uhr
Russia´s team was banned from the upcoming Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Monday because of its doping past. The International Paralympic Committee said about 30-35 Russians will be allowed to compete in five sports as neutral athletes at the Games.

Floodwaters along swollen Seine peak in Paris, threaten Normandy

07:34 Uhr
Floodwaters have reached a peak in Paris and are threatening towns downstream along the rain-engorged Seine River.

Wealth inequality has boosted kidnappings in Nigeria, of nationals and foreigners

04:00 Uhr
Kidnapping for ransom has long been a problem in Nigeria´s south, but now it´s on the rise throughout the country amid an economic slowdown caused by lower oil prices. Nigerians and their children are the usual victims and that´s meant heightened security for families.

2 bombings targeting police stations kill more officers in Colombia

14:49 Uhr
Two overnight bombings that targeted police stations in Colombia´s Caribbean region killed two officers and wounded seven other people, authorities said Sunday, a day after a similar attack killed five officers and wounded 40.

Rescuers call off efforts to save Polish climber from Pakistan mountain

11:12 Uhr
French climber Elisabeth Revol was found on Pakistan´s Nanga Parbat mountain early Sunday, but volunteers who rescued her say it was too dangerous to retrieve her climbing partner, Tomasz Mackiewicz of Poland.

Putin critic Alexei Navalny arrested after call for election boycott

07:43 Uhr
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested on Sunday shortly after joining one of several rallies held in Russian cities on Sunday.

Trump says he would be ´tougher" in Brexit talks than UK´s PM

06:36 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump is claiming he would take a ´tougher" attitude toward Brexit negotiations with the European Union than the approach now being used by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump says he would be ´tougher" in Brexit talks than U.K.´s PM

06:36 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump is claiming he would take a ´tougher" attitude toward Brexit negotiations with the European Union than the approach now being used by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Afghan official says death toll from bombing rises to 103

05:25 Uhr
Afghanistan´s interior minister now says at least 103 people were killed in a suicide bombing carried out by the Taliban in Kabul, increasing an earlier toll.

"Where we drill, we eventually spill": scientists fear consequences of Trump´s oil drilling plans

05:00 Uhr
The Trump administration wants to open up nearly all of American coastal waters — 4 million square kilometres — to oil and gas drilling. Environmentalists fear that would be disastrous to thousands of marine species, from whales to abalone.

Justice Ginsburg signals her intent to work on U.S. top court for years more

21:08 Uhr
In different circumstances, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might be on a valedictory tour in her final months on the U.S. Supreme Court. But in the era of Trump, Ginsburg is packing her schedule and sending signals she intends to keep her seat on the bench for years.

Canada´s NAFTA negotiator says talks moving in the "right direction"

20:48 Uhr
Chief negotiators from all three NAFTA countries met today to recap the week — but the question now is what their political bosses will think of the results from the most recent round of talks.

4 officers dead, dozens injured in Colombia police station bombing

18:13 Uhr
At least four police officers were killed and another 42 injured when a homemade bomb exploded early Saturday outside a police station in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

Steve Wynn resigns as top GOP finance chairman amid sexual misconduct allegations

15:16 Uhr
Casino mogul Steve Wynn has resigned as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Fiery protests erupt as contested ​Honduran president starts new term

15:12 Uhr
President Juan Orlando Hernandez was sworn in for a new term in the Honduran capital Saturday, while riot police fired tear gas to block thousands of demonstrators from marching to the inaugration.

Gunmen in Brazil kill at least 14 in dance club

12:15 Uhr
Police say gunmen barged into a dance and shot dead at least 14 people in northeastern Brazil.

ESPN´s Jemele Hill leaving anchor job to write for website

11:30 Uhr
ESPN says outspoken Sportscenter anchor Jemele Hill is leaving that role to write for a company website and do occasional on-air commentary.

Rain-swollen Seine burst its banks, engulfs quays

07:33 Uhr
Floodwaters are nearing their peak in Paris, with the rain-swollen Seine River engulfing scenic quays and threatening wine cellars and museum basements.

Australian Open: Wozniacki beats Halep to win 1st major

07:32 Uhr
Caroline Wozniacki has won her first Grand Slam singles title in her 43rd major, beating top-seeded Simona Halep 7-6 (2), 3-6, 6-4 in the Australian Open final.

95 killed, 158 wounded in Afghan car bombing

07:04 Uhr
A suicide car bomber killed at least 95 people and wounded 158 others in an attack claimed by the Taliban on Saturday in Kabul, authorities said. The bombing came just a week after Taliban militants killed 22 at an international hotel in the city.

Group helps identify ISIS fighters fleeing northern Syria

05:00 Uhr
As ISIS militants flee their falling strongholds, a Syrian activist group is trying to track them and make sure they don´t infiltrate other parts of the world

When no one else would believe the gymnasts about Larry Nassar, these reporters did

19:13 Uhr
When former gymnast Rachael Denhollander approached the Indianapolis Star last year with allegations of sexual abuse against former sports doctor Larry Nassar, journalists saw merit in her story, and the assistant attorney general later praised their reporting as integral to the case.

Turkey vows to expand Syria offensive east to Iraqi border

16:59 Uhr
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows to expand Ankara´s operation in a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria eastward, toward the border with Iraq.

Peru´s president avoided impeachment by agreeing to pardon Fujimori, Reuters reports

15:47 Uhr
Three months before he granted his predecessor Alberto Fujimori a pardon on medical grounds, Peru´s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski met the jailed former leader´s son, lawmaker Kenji Fujimori, to discuss his release, a source close to the president told Reuters.

Casino magnate Steve Wynn facing sexual harassment allegations

14:50 Uhr
Wynn Resorts is denying multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault by its founder Steve Wynn, describing it as a smear campaign related to divorce proceedings from his ex-wife.

Congo dictator, who has outstayed his term, denounces protesters and UN

12:23 Uhr
President Joseph Kabila made a rare public appearance in the Central African country´s electoral process "firmly engaged" despite a vote that has been delayed for more than a year in Congo-Kinshasa.

China unveils plans for a "Polar Silk Road" across the Arctic

12:15 Uhr
China has outlined its ambitions to extend President Xi Jinping´s signature Belt and Road Initiative to the Arctic by developing shipping lanes opened up by global warming.

British town´s cheese rolling festival cancelled because it´s "no longer seen as cool"

12:13 Uhr
For half a century, Stilton has hosted a huge annual cheese rolling event. But this year, it won´t be rolling out.

Several BBC male journalists agree to pay cut after gender gap revelation

12:03 Uhr
The BBC is reporting that several of its highest-paid male broadcasters have agreed to take a pay cut after revelations of a gender divide in salaries.

Plastic ocean litter boosts deadly infections in corals

10:36 Uhr
Garbage like disposable diapers, plastic bags and snack wrappers is getting into the ocean and snagging on some coral reefs, leading to deadly infections that literally eat the corals alive, a new study suggests.

Cape Town water crisis prompts rationing to prevent Day Zero tap shutoff

10:32 Uhr
Long lines of South Africans collect water daily from a natural spring pipeline in an upscale suburb of Cape Town, illustrating the harsh impact of a drought that authorities say could force the closure of most taps in the country´s second largest city in just over two months, an occasion ominously known as Day Zero.

Netherlands alerted U.S. to Russian hack of State Department, Dutch media claim

10:07 Uhr
The Netherlands" spy service broke into the computers used by a powerful Russian hacking group and may be sitting on evidence relating to the breach of the U.S. Democratic National Committee, a Dutch newspaper and television show jointly report.

Bombardier wins bid to overturn 292% tariffs at U.S. trade body

09:11 Uhr
Bombardier Inc. has won its fight against almost 300 per cent duties applied to U.S. imports of its C Series aircraft.

Steep Nutella price drop starts fights in France

08:59 Uhr
Brawls have broken out in supermarkets in France as shoppers scramble to get their hands on discounted pots of chocolate and hazelnut spread.

Donald Trump presses "America first" agenda at global summit in Switzerland

07:43 Uhr
Declaring that America is open for business under his leadership, President Donald Trump has told a gathering of political and business elites that the economic growth taking place in the U.S. due to his "America first" agenda also benefits the rest of the world.

Donald Trump calls report he ordered Robert Mueller´s firing "fake news"

07:01 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump has dismissed as "fake news" a New York Times report that he ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller last June, but backed down after White House lawyer Don McGahn threatened to resign.

Donald Trump says retweet of anti-Muslim videos did not equal endorsement

02:29 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump said he had not intended to cause offence in Britain by sharing anti-Muslim videos originally posted by a leader of a far-right fringe group and that he would apologize if such people were horrible racists.

Hospital fire kills 37, injures scores in South Korea

21:11 Uhr
A fire spread flames and smoke through a South Korean hospital Friday morning, killing at least 37 people, mainly from suffocation, and injuring nearly 130 others in one of the country´s deadliest blazes in years.

Hospital fire in South Korea kills at least 31

21:11 Uhr
A fire official says the toll from a hospital fire in South Korea has risen to 31 dead with 77 injured.

Trump plan offers citizenship path to 1.8 million immigrants

19:27 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump is proposing a plan that provides a path to citizenship for 1.8 million of the so-called Dreamer immigrants, according to White House sources, putting forward an outline likely to find resistance from some of Trump´s conservative allies.

UN experts urge Philippines to preserve free media

18:10 Uhr
UN human rights experts called on the Philippines government to allow independent news website Rappler to operate and raised concern about rising rhetoric against voices critical of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Trump says Palestinians must return to talks to receive aid

16:59 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to withhold aid money from the Palestinians until they return to peace talks with Israel as he sat down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of an economic summit in Switzerland.

EU court bars "gay test" for asylum seekers

16:58 Uhr
Hungarian immigration officials should not have put a Nigerian asylum seeker through psychological tests to determine whether he was telling the truth about being gay, the EU´s top court ruled on Thursday.

Casey Affleck won´t attend Academy Awards in apparent #MeToo fallout

16:46 Uhr
In another apparent consequence of the #MeToo movement, last year´s best actor Oscar winner Casey Affleck will not be presenting at or attending the 90th Academy Awards.

Turkey tells U.S. to end support for Syrian Kurd militia or risk confrontation

15:39 Uhr
Turkey urges the U.S. to halt its support for Kurdish YPG fighters or risk confronting Turkish forces on the ground in Syria, some of Ankara´s strongest comments yet about a potential clash with its NATO ally.

Oldest modern human fossil outside Africa found in Israeli cave

15:31 Uhr
A fossil found in Israel indicates modern humans may have left Africa as much as 100,000 years earlier than previously thought.

More birth defects seen in areas of U.S. where Zika virus spread

14:58 Uhr
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a 21 per cent increase in birth defects that could be linked to Zika in the last half of 2016.

Duelling conspiracy theories deepen U.S. political divide

13:51 Uhr
A deeper dive into the day´s most notable stories with The National newsletter´s Jonathon Gatehouse.

Moscow theatre disobeys ban and shows British director´s Stalin film

12:57 Uhr
A Russian art house cinema screened satirical film The Death of Stalin to a packed house on Thursday, despite the Russian culture ministry cancelling the movie´s release on the grounds that it mocks the country´s Soviet past.

Venezuela retaliates against Spain for sanctions, expels ambassador

11:33 Uhr
Venezuela Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza says the former Spanish colony considers Spain´s ambassador Jesus Silva Fernandez persona non grata.

Swiss mummy identified as ancestor of British politician Boris Johnson

10:18 Uhr
Researchers have identified a mummified body found in a Basel churchyard as a wealthy 18th-century Swiss woman who is an ancestor of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Oprah Winfrey tells magazine she´s not interested in 2020 U.S. presidential run

10:13 Uhr
Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has ended her brief flirtation with a possible run for the U.S. presidency in 2020, according to InStyle magazine, which published a report quoting her as saying she isn´t interested.

U.S. diplomat quits Myanmar´s Rohingya crisis panel, calling it "whitewash"

08:55 Uhr
Veteran U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson has resigned from an international panel set up by Myanmar to advise on the Rohingya crisis, saying it was conducting a "whitewash" and accusing the country´s leader Aung San Suu Kyi of lacking "moral leadership."

Myanmar pushes back after U.S. diplomat leaves Rohingya advisory panel

08:55 Uhr
Veteran U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson was pursuing "his own agenda" when he was asked to step down from Myanmar´s international advisory board on the Rohingya crisis, the Myanmar government says. Richardson says he resigned because the panel was conducting a "whitewash."

Milan train derailment kills 3, injures dozens

07:42 Uhr
A commuter train has derailed in northern Italy, killing at least three people, seriously injuring 10 and trapping others who were heading into Milan at the start of the work day, officials said.

North Korean hockey players cross into South for 1st joint Olympic team

06:50 Uhr
Female hockey players from the rival Koreas have been paired up to form their first-ever Olympic squad during next month´s Pyeongchang Winter Games, as their countries press ahead with rare reconciliation steps following a period of nuclear tensions.

Trump says he is willing to testify under oath in U.S.-Russia probe

22:20 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would be willing to be interviewed under oath by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

Michigan State University president resigns amid Larry Nassar scandal

21:25 Uhr
Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon has announced that she is resigning.

Opioid sellers in China exploit U.S. postal service flaw, probe finds

20:25 Uhr
U.S. Congressional investigators said Wednesday that Chinese opioid manufacturers are exploiting weak screening at the U.S. Postal Service to ship large quantities of illegal drugs to American dealers.

Siblings allegedly held captive by parents providing information, prosecutor says

19:19 Uhr
A judge in Riverside County, Calif., signed a protective order Wednesday prohibiting David and Louise Turpin from contacting their children, except through attorneys or investigators.

Oldest of the California shackled siblings often bullied at grade school in Texas, classmates say​​

14:36 Uhr
The oldest of the 13 California siblings who authorities say were imprisoned by their parents was frail, smelly and bullied as a grade school student in Texas, two of her classmates say, one in a heart-wrenching Facebook post.

SpaceX successfully test fires engines on big new rocket

13:36 Uhr
It´s the rocket that SpaceX hopes will pave the way to Mars. Today it went it´s first static firing, preparing for a test launch in February.

Egyptian candidate drops out, believing presidential election can´t be fair

13:32 Uhr
Egypt´s last main opposition candidate in an upcoming presidential election announced he was halting his campaign and withdrawing from the race on Wednesday, saying conditions didn´t allow for a fair contest for truly competing against Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Far-right politician in Germany quits post and converts to Islam

10:41 Uhr
A politician in the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), known for its anti-Muslim rhetoric, has resigned from its board and converted to Islam, the party says.

Schumer pulls offer, but Mexico wall likely to rise again in immigration talks

09:53 Uhr
Top Senate Democrat Charles Schumer said Tuesday his party was pulling back a previous offer of billions in funding for Donald Trump´s cherished border wall along the southern border with Mexico, but the administration hasn´t been idle, pushing ahead with one of the president´s signature pledges.

British lawmakers disgusted over lewd conduct reports at men-only gala

09:27 Uhr
Women hired to entertain businessmen and politicians at a men-only charity fundraising gala in London were groped, propositioned and sexually harassed at the secretive event, the Financial Times newspaper reported, drawing condemnation in British Parliament on Wednesday.

Pope likens "fake news" to serpent in Garden of Eden

09:13 Uhr
Pope Francis is denouncing "fake news" as evil and urging journalists to make it their mission to search for the truth.

Former U.S. gymnastics doctor sentenced 40 to 175 years in sex assault case

09:03 Uhr
Larry Nassar is sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for sexually assaulting gymnasts and other young women and girls, capping a remarkable seven-day hearing that brought more than 150 victims, including Olympians, to court to face the disgraced Michigan osteopath.

Save the Children suspends operations in Afghanistan after deadly attack

09:00 Uhr
Militants stormed the offices of Save the Children in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing four people and triggering a shootout with police that lasted almost 10 hours, provincial officials and the organization said.

At least 33 dead in Libya car bombings, dozens injured

08:35 Uhr
The death toll from a nighttime twin car bombing near a mosque in a residential area of Libya´s eastern city of Benghazi has risen to 33, authorities say.

Venezuela´s President Maduro confirms re-election bid

08:25 Uhr
President Nicolas Maduro confirmed Wednesday that he will seek a second term as president of Venezuela in an early election already widely rejected by the international community.

Maduro aims to retain grip on power as Venezuela´s presidential battle begins

08:25 Uhr
Venezuela´s presidential election race is underway, with favourite and incumbent Nicolas Maduro signalling an "anti-Trump" platform while demoralized foes scrambled for a candidate and feared an unfair vote.

U.S. Democrats withdraw $25B offer to fund Trump´s border wall

06:56 Uhr
Democrats say they have withdrawn an offer to fund U.S. President Donald Trump´s border wall, as tough negotiations over the future of 700,000 young immigrants known as Dreamers resume in the Senate.

Calgary skydiver killed in California after crash onto roof of home

23:08 Uhr
Authorities have identified an Alberta skydiver who died Monday afternoon when he fell onto the roof of a home in Southern California.

Oklahoma gas rig workers" remains recovered day after explosion

21:13 Uhr
Officials on Tuesday recovered the remains of five gas rig workers who had been missing since a fiery explosion in eastern Oklahoma a day earlier.

U.S. gymnastics doctor to be sentenced Wednesday in sex assault case

18:46 Uhr
Larry Nassar has admitted sexually assaulting athletes when he was employed by Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics, which is the sport´s national governing organization and trains Olympians.

Ursula K. Le Guin, acclaimed science fiction writer, dead at 88

18:38 Uhr
Le Guin was a prolific writer, having published more than 20 novels, a dozen poetry collections, seven essay collections and 13 children´s books.

Trudeau government to sign Pacific Rim trade deal after getting concessions on culture and auto sector

16:17 Uhr
Canada is now ready to sign on to a Pacific Rim trade deal with 10 other nations after three days of intense negotiations in Tokyo resolved the Trudeau government´s concerns over protections for intellectual property, culture and the auto sector.

Maduro to seek re-election as Venezuela eyes vote by April

15:23 Uhr
Venezuela´s constitutional assembly has ordered presidential elections by the end of April amid a rapidly-worsening economic crisis. President Nicolas Maduro says he´s ready to seek re-election.

Britain sets up dedicated unit to fight fake news, disinformation

13:47 Uhr
Britain will set up a new unit to beef up its efforts to counter so-called fake news and try to deter disinformation campaigns by other states, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May says.

In Catalonia, the nameless dead raise old animosities toward Franco

12:55 Uhr
In the Catalan hills west of Barcelona, the nameless dead are emerging from deep layers of earth that have kept them hidden from the world´s gaze for some 80 years.

Buried 80 years, Catalonia´s nameless dead are reopening old wounds

12:55 Uhr
In the Catalan hills west of Barcelona, the nameless dead are emerging from deep layers of earth that have kept them hidden from the world´s gaze for some 80 years.

Syria´s alleged use of chemical weapons again under international scrutiny

11:22 Uhr
The United States and 28 other countries are launching a new plan to better identify and punish anyone who uses chemical weapons, amid new reports of a suspected chemical attack in Syria.

Jeff Sessions interviewed in Robert Mueller´s special counsel investigation

10:52 Uhr
Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed for hours last week in special counsel Robert Mueller´s Russia investigation, the Justice Department confirms.

Trump nonchalant about Sessions interview with Mueller´s special counsel probe

10:52 Uhr
Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed for hours last week in special counsel Robert Mueller´s Russia investigation, with Donald Trump saying Tuesday he is "not at all concerned."

1 person dead, others wounded in Kentucky high school shooting

10:14 Uhr
A person is in custody after at least one individual was killed and multiple others were wounded in a shooting at a high school in Marshall County, Ky., today, Gov. Matt Bevin said on Twitter.

2 dead, 17 injured in Kentucky high school shooting

10:14 Uhr
A 15-year-old student opened fire with a handgun inside a rural Kentucky high school Tuesday morning, killing two of his classmates, injuring 17 and sending hundreds fleeing for safety, police said. The suspect will be charged with murder.

Michigan man arrested after alleged threats to kill CNN employees

09:56 Uhr
A Michigan man has been arrested after authorities allege he threatened to travel to Atlanta and kill people at CNN headquarters.

Globalization losing its lustre, Indian PM tells economic forum

09:42 Uhr
Protectionism is gaining ground and globalization is losing its attractiveness, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the World Economic Forum on Tuesday.

Legendary trumpeter Hugh Masekela dead at 78

08:53 Uhr
Legendary South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela has died at age 78 after a decade-long fight with cancer, according to a statement from his family.

Bandmates, family attend funeral of Cranberries singer Dolores O"Riordan

07:58 Uhr
Hundreds of mourners have gathered in Dolores O"Riordan´s Irish hometown for the funeral of the Cranberries singer.

Astronauts go spacewalking to give new hand to Canadarm2

07:58 Uhr
Spacewalking astronauts are giving a hand to the International Space Station´s big robot arm, Canadarm2.

Tsunami warning ends for B.C. after large earthquake strikes off Alaska

04:41 Uhr
A tsunami warning for coastal British Columbia and parts of Alaska has ended after a powerful earthquake struck, about 250 kilometres southeast of Chiniak, Alaska, early today.

Tsunami warning on B.C. coast after large earthquake southeast of Alaska

04:41 Uhr
A tsunami warning is in effect for coastal British Columbia and parts of Alaska after a powerful earthquake struck, about 250 kilometres southeast of Chiniak, Alaska.

Volcano eruption near Japan ski resort injures 9

23:04 Uhr
A volcanic eruption Tuesday injured at least nine people at a ski resort in central Japan, officials said.

Volcano eruption near Japan ski resort kills 1, injures 11

23:04 Uhr
One soldier died and 11 others were injured while skiing in central Japan on Tuesday, the result of flying rocks sent airborne during a sudden eruption of a volcano, officials said.

Volcano eruption near Japan ski resort kills 1, injures 15

23:04 Uhr
At least 16 people skiing on the slopes of a volcano in central Japan were injured by flying rocks during a surprise eruption and a subsequent avalanche Tuesday, and one person later died.

Bill Cosby performs surprise show ahead of retrial

22:34 Uhr
Bill Cosby performs in public for the first time since a sex abuse scandal embroiled him in 2015, joking that he "used to be a comedian" and playing with a jazz band in his hometown as a retrial looms in his criminal sexual assault case.

Netflix shares jump after earnings show subscriber growth

16:34 Uhr
Netflix signed up 6.36 million subscribers internationally in the fourth quarter, beating market expectations.

Man accused in U.K. van attack against Muslims was ´ticking time bomb"

16:20 Uhr
Darren Osborne, accused of driving a van into worshippers near London´s Finsbury Park Mosque, became convinced that all Muslims were extremists or rapists in pedophile gangs, according to the prosecutor.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch says Facebook should pay to carry news

16:08 Uhr
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose companies own The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, the New York Post, says Facebook should pay fees to ´trusted" news producers for their content.

Russian court orders shutdown of opposition figure Navalny´s foundation

15:13 Uhr
A Moscow district court has ordered the closure of the foundation crucial to the election campaign of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

USA Gymnastics leaders resign amid sex abuse scandal

14:03 Uhr
Three key leaders at USA Gymnastics resigned Monday as more women and girls told a judge about being sexually assaulted at the hands of a sports doctor who spent years with Olympic gymnasts and other female athletes.

Fire out, 5 still missing after drilling rig blast

13:54 Uhr
Officials say the fire is out at a drilling rig that exploded in eastern Oklahoma. Five rig workers are missing.

5 missing after Oklahoma oil and gas drilling site explosion

13:54 Uhr
Officials say the fire is out at a drilling rig that exploded in eastern Oklahoma. Five rig workers are missing.

Pope apologizes to sex abuse victims, but defends Chilean bishop

12:07 Uhr
Pope Francis has apologized for something he said last week in Chile, when he insisted that victims of pedophile priests show "proof" in order to be believed.

Survivors of Afghanistan hotel attack recount ordeal

11:56 Uhr
Survivors of the Taliban attack on Kabul´s Intercontinental Hotel gave harrowing accounts Monday of the 13-hour weekend standoff that claimed 18 lives, including 14 foreigners.

Kabul hotel attack survivors grateful to be alive

11:56 Uhr
Survivors of the Taliban attack on Kabul´s Intercontinental Hotel gave harrowing accounts on Monday of the 13-hour weekend standoff that claimed 18 lives, including 14 foreigners.

Rehearsal, envelope verification and no cellphones: PwC unveils new rules after epic Oscars mishap

11:23 Uhr
After taking responsibility for the epic best picture flub at the Oscars last year, Tim Ryan of PwC got down to business developing new protocols and safeguards to prevent such a blunder in the future.

Former soccer star sworn in as Liberian president in peaceful transfer of power

11:11 Uhr
Former international soccer star George Weah was sworn into office Monday as Liberia´s new president, taking over from Africa´s first female leader of this post-war, impoverished West African nation.

Social media good for democracy? Facebook admits it can´t make that guarantee

10:47 Uhr
Facebook has warned that it can´t offer any assurance that social media is on balance good for democracy, but the company says it is trying to do what it can to stop alleged meddling in elections by Russia or anyone else.

Democrats, Republicans say shutdown likely to end ahead of vote

10:46 Uhr
Sen. Chuck Schumer says he and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell have come to an arrangement to help pass a stopgap funding measure to keep the government open, launching blistering criticism for President Donald Trump´s failure to broker compromise during the most recent contentious talks.

Trump signs spending bill, ending U.S. government shutdown

10:46 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump has signed a bill funding the government through Feb. 8, ending a 69-hour shutdown after Democrats accepted promises from Republicans for a broad debate later on the future of young illegal immigrants.

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