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U.S. travel ban "grey areas" could cause problems for Canadian permanent residents

05:00 Uhr
Canadian permanent residents who hail from one of the six countries included in the U.S. travel ban but are students, have work permits or who have familial ties should have no issue getting in to the U.S. But there´s may be some grey area that could cause problems.

Is Prince Charles misunderstood?

05:00 Uhr
Prince Charles, who arrives in Canada Thursday for a three-day visit, has been labelled an old fogey and mocked for talking to plants, but the heir to the throne has also become a keen environmentalist and social entrepreneur seen by some as well ahead his time.

On health care, Republicans finally have it all — but can´t figure out what to do with it

05:00 Uhr
Despite the clear legislative letdown that came after delivery of the Republicans" much-anticipated bill aimed at dismantling Obamacare, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was certain he"d be ready this week to put it to a vote. He wasn´t. The problem, Keith Boag writes, is Republicans really don´t agree on what they"re looking to accomplish.

Embattled Venezuelan president says helicopter fired on country´s Supreme Court

21:34 Uhr
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says a helicopter fired on the country´s Supreme Court in a confusing incident that he claimed was part of a conspiracy to destabilize his socialist government.

Colombian government, FARC rebels mark disarmament with ceremony

15:36 Uhr
President Juan Manuel Santos travelled Tuesday to Mesetas, Colombia, to join Rodrigo Londono, top commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, for a ceremony marking the conclusion of the disarmament process by 7,000 rebels nationwide.

New York City subway train derails, dozens injured

14:35 Uhr
A subway train derailed near a station in Harlem on Tuesday, frightening passengers and resulting in minor injuries as hundreds of people were evacuated from trains along the subway line.

Ransomware infects computers around the world in latest major attack

12:50 Uhr
A new outbreak of ransomware is causing disruption across the world, paralyzing hospitals, government offices and major corporations. Ukraine and other parts of Europe were hit particularly hard by the latest cyberattack, which follows a similar outbreak in May.

"World´s largest sleep study" seeks online volunteers

12:42 Uhr
Brain scientists at a Canadian university are aiming to get a better handle on how sleep affects memory, problem solving and other cognitive functions in what they are billing as the largest such study ever to be done.

Republicans postpone vote on their health-care bill until after July 4

12:34 Uhr
U.S. Senate leaders postponed debate on their health-care bill, in deepening jeopardy as opposition from rebellious Republicans intensifies. The defections increased after Congress´s nonpartisan budget referee said the measure would leave 22 million more people uninsured by 2026 than former president Barack Obama´s law.

World Cup bid corruption exposed in leaked report

10:17 Uhr
The report into suspected corruption in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids has been a mystery ever since American investigator Michael Garcia delivered it more than 2½ years ago. A leaked copy of the 430-page document kept confidential by FIFA and Switzerland´s attorney general has now surfaced.

Now-published report details extent of World Cup bid corruption

10:17 Uhr
The report into suspected corruption in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids has been a mystery ever since American investigator Michael Garcia delivered it more than 2½ years ago. A leaked copy of the 430-page document kept confidential by FIFA and Switzerland´s attorney general has now surfaced.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says dozens killed in U.S.-led airstrike on ISIS prison

10:02 Uhr
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says dozens of people were killed in an airstrike believed to have been carried out by the U.S.-led coalition on an ISIS prison in the eastern Syrian town of al-Mayadeen.

CNN retraction, resignations prompt fresh swipe from Trump

09:50 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump used the resignations of three CNN journalists involved in a retracted Russia-related story to resume his attack on the network´s credibility Tuesday.

The Queen is getting a raise

09:38 Uhr
Queen Elizabeth is set to receive an increase in the official funding she receives each year.

British PM calls for "major national investigation" into cladding after deadly blaze

09:17 Uhr
British Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday there must be a "major national investigation" into the use of potentially flammable cladding fitted to high-rise towers across the country, as police formally identified a five-year-old boy as one of youngest victims of London´s Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Appeals Court upholds ruling that Dutch peacekeepers partly liable in Srebrenica

07:11 Uhr
A Dutch Appeals Court confirms the Netherlands was partly liable for the deaths of some 300 Muslim men who were expelled from a Dutch UN base after the surrounding area was overrun by Bosnian Serb troops.

EU fines Google billions for breaching antitrust rules

06:06 Uhr
The European Union´s competition watchdog has slapped a record 2.42 billion euro, roughly $3.6 billion Cdn, fine on internet giant Google for breaching antitrust rules with its online shopping service.

Trump´s Supreme Court legacy might be closer than you think: Keith Boag

05:00 Uhr
Washington is aswirl with speculation that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is about to step down after nearly 30 years on the bench. Saying goodbye to the top court´s only true moderate would see the court swing to the right, giving President Donald Trump a chance to secure his conservative legacy.

Utah wildfire grows as firefighters face hot, dry conditions

04:26 Uhr
The largest wildfire in the U.S. has forced more than 1,500 people from their homes and cabins in a southern Utah mountain area home to a ski town and popular fishing lake.

Arkansas inmate caught more than 30 years after escape

02:55 Uhr
The mother of an Arkansas prison escapee who had been on the run for more than three decades said she has been in contact with her son since soon after his escape and that he was visiting her when he was arrested.

Pentagon alleges evidence of chemical weapons in Syria, warns against an attack

23:14 Uhr
The Pentagon says the U.S. has seen chemical weapons activity at the Syrian air base that was used for a sarin gas attack in April.

White House warns Syria´s Assad against chemical attack

23:14 Uhr
The White House issued a stern warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday night as it claimed "potential" evidence that Syria was preparing for another chemical weapons attack.

Brazil´s attorney general formally accuses President Michel Temer of corruption

20:16 Uhr
Brazil´s attorney general has formally accused President Michel Temer of corruption.

22 million more Americans would become uninsured under Senate health-care bill, CBO estimates

16:57 Uhr
The Senate health-care bill would result in 22 million more uninsured Americans over the next decade compared with the current law, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Cladding manufacturer to stop production of some panels after Grenfell Tower fire

12:20 Uhr
Cladding maker Arconic says it is discontinuing global sales of one type of composite panelling for highrise buildings in the wake of the devastating fire that killed 79 people at Grenfell Tower.

Salvador Dali´s bones to be exhumed in Spain for paternity test

12:15 Uhr
A Spanish judge has ordered the remains of artist Salvador Dali to be exhumed following a paternity suit by a woman born in the 1950s.

Jewish leaders angry after plan for mixed-gender prayer area at Western Wall cancelled

11:26 Uhr
A high-profile group of Jewish leaders cancelled a gala event with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to protest his government´s decision to scrap plans for a mixed-gender prayer area at Jerusalem´s Western Wall.

Google to stop reading your Gmail to help sell ads

11:16 Uhr
Google is ending the practice that it has embraced since the company introduced Gmail in 2004 of scanning emails in search of opportunities to sell ads. The practice has raised concerns among privacy watchdogs and creeped out some users.

U.S. Supreme Court allows partial travel ban to take effect pending appeals in October

10:40 Uhr
The U.S. Supreme Court has handed a victory to U.S. President Donald Trump by narrowing the scope of lower court rulings that blocked his travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries and agreeing to hear his appeals in the cases.

John McEnroe says Serena Williams would rank "like 700" on men´s tour

10:08 Uhr
John McEnroe says Serena Williams would be "like 700" in the world tennis rankings if she played on the men´s tour.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case on refusing service to gays on religious grounds

10:04 Uhr
The Supreme Court is taking on a new clash between gay rights and religion in a case about a wedding cake for a same-sex couple in Colorado.

Philando Castile´s family reaches $3M US settlement in shooting by police

10:03 Uhr
The mother of Philando Castile, a black motorist killed by a Minnesota police officer last year, has reached a nearly $3 million US settlement in his death, according to an announcement Monday by her attorneys and the Minneapolis suburb that employed the officer.

"Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli´s trial starts today in Brooklyn, N.Y.

08:08 Uhr
Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur who has been called the "pharma bro" for raising the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000 per cent, will go on trial in Brooklyn, N.Y., today for what prosecutors are calling a Ponzi-like scheme at his former hedge fund and a drug company he once ran.

"Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli excited for trial as jury selection begins

08:08 Uhr
Jury selection began Monday for the trial of pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli for allegedly running a Ponzi-like scheme at his former hedge fund and a drug company he founded.

Palestinians in Gaza worry they could suffer in simmering Gulf dispute

05:00 Uhr
Tiny, oil-rich Qatar is the largest international donor to the people of the Gaza Strip. But an ongoing diplomatic dispute between the Gulf nation and Saudi Arabia and other Arab states has put many Palestinians in the coastal enclave on edge.

U.K. PM Theresa May nears deal to prop up government

04:56 Uhr
British Prime Minister Theresa May drew closer to clinching a deal to prop up her minority government on Monday as she prepared to meet the leader of the Northern Irish Protestant party.

Theresa May reaches deal with DUP leader to prop up U.K. government

04:56 Uhr
Prime Minister Theresa May´s Conservatives have agreed to increase spending in Northern Ireland by the equivalent of $1.68 billion Cdn over two years as part of a deal to ensure the support of the province´s biggest Protestant party for the minority government.

Jailed Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo granted medical parole in China

04:27 Uhr
Jailed Chinese Nobel Peace laureate and dissident Liu Xiaobo has been released on medical parole after his May 23 diagnosis of late-stage liver cancer.

Jailed Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo granted medical parole in China

04:27 Uhr
Imprisoned Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate and dissident Liu Xiaobo has been transferred to a hospital after being diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer, his former lawyer said Monday.

Pakistan fuel truck death toll rises to 157

02:54 Uhr
Pakistani officials say the death toll from a massive fuel truck fire has risen to 157 as four more of the victims died overnight.

Death toll in Pakistan fuel truck fire, explosion rises to 157

02:54 Uhr
Pakistan´s prime minister cut short a trip abroad Sunday to visit victims of a massive fuel tanker fire and explosion near Bahawalpur that authorities now say is responsible for the deaths of 157 people.

Firefighters battle intense wildfires in Utah, California

00:51 Uhr
Better weather conditions have limited the growth of a wildfire in Utah that has prompted the evacuation of 1,500 people from hundreds of homes and cabins, officials said Sunday night. In Southern California, a wildfire broke out after a car crashed on a freeway and prompted evacuations of nearby homes in the city of Santa Clarita.

Canadian soldier set to become 1st woman to command Queen´s Guard

19:00 Uhr
A Canadian soldier is set to upend more than 300 years of British history, becoming the first woman to command the troops guarding the Queen and royal residences in London. Capt. Megan Couto will lead some 40 Canadian soldiers through the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

Meet the Canadian woman guarding the Queen

19:00 Uhr
A Canadian female infantry officer will command the troops guarding the Queen and royal residences in London. Capt. Megan Couto led some 40 Canadian soldiers through the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

Black Lives Matter NYC "inspired" by Toronto chapter´s call for removal of uniformed police

18:27 Uhr
Inspired by Black Lives Matter Toronto´s demonstration at the Toronto Pride Parade last year, members of the activist group in New York City are now calling for the removal of uniformed police officers from their city´s parade.

Black Lives Matter NYC "inspired" by Toronto chapter´s calls for removal of uniformed police

18:27 Uhr
Inspired by Black Lives Matter Toronto´s demonstration at the Toronto Pride Parade last year, members of the activist group in New York City are now calling on the removal of uniformed police officers from their city´s parade.

At least 9 dead, 28 missing after tourist boat sinks in Colombia

17:56 Uhr
A tourist ferry packed with around 170 passengers for the holiday weekend capsized Sunday on a reservoir near the Colombian city of Medellin, officials say.

"I felt I wanted out," Prince Harry says of Royal Family

16:25 Uhr
In an interview published in the Mail on Sunday, Prince Harry said the time he spent in the army was ´the best escape I"ve ever had" and that he thought about giving up his title.

Professor fired for racially charged remarks on Fox News

15:28 Uhr
A New Jersey community college has fired an adjunct professor after officials say she made racially insensitive comments on Fox News.

U.S. gay pride parades sound a note of resistance — and face some of their own

15:23 Uhr
Gay pride parades Sunday in New York, San Francisco and other U.S. cities are spotlighting resistance to what participants see as new pressure on gay rights, while contending with the prospect of protests over the events" own diversity and direction.

"I"ll catch you, honey!": Teen plummets from park ride, caught by crowd

14:16 Uhr
A teenager fell about eight metres from a stopped gondola ride at an upstate New York amusement park Saturday night, tumbling into a crowd of park guests and employees gathered below to catch her before she hit the ground.

Trump says Republicans not ´that far off" from passing health-care bill

13:00 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump said he doesn´t think congressional Republicans are ´that far off" on a health overhaul to replace ´the dead carcass of Obamacare."

Japanese airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy

12:36 Uhr
Japanese airbag maker Takata Corp. has filed for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo and the U.S., overwhelmed by lawsuits and recall costs related to its production of faulty airbag inflators.

Istanbul police enforce ban on gay, transgender pride march

11:29 Uhr
Turkish police stopped people from gathering in large numbers for LGBT pride in Istanbul on Sunday, but smaller groups made impromptu press statements defying a ban imposed by the governor.

Testing for combustible panels urged for all U.K. apartment towers

10:53 Uhr
Britain´s government is urging local officials across the country to urgently submit samples of tower block cladding after tests found that all samples tested so far have failed fire safety standards.

Cholera cases in Yemen now more 200,000

05:49 Uhr
The UN health agency says there are now more than 200,000 suspected cases of cholera in an outbreak in war-torn Yemen, many of them children.

Overturned oil tanker explodes in Pakistan, killing 153

05:35 Uhr
An overturned oil tanker has burst into flames in Pakistan, killing 153 people who had rushed to the scene of the highway accident to gather leaking fuel.

Venezuelan president´s opponents lay siege to air base

19:28 Uhr
Young protesters broke down a metal fence guarding an air base in Caracas on Saturday before being repelled by security forces firing tear gas in another day of anti-government protests in Venezuela´s capital.

British lawmakers hit by ´sustained" cyber attack

15:10 Uhr
Britain´s Parliament was hit by a ´sustained and determined" cyber attack on Saturday designed to identify weak email passwords, just over a month after a ransomware worm crippled parts of the country´s health service.

Arab states don´t seek "regime change" in Qatar, says UAE official

13:50 Uhr
A top United Arab Emirates official said Saturday the Arab countries isolating Qatar do not seek to force out the country´s leadership over allegations it supports extremist ideology but are willing to cut ties altogether if it does not agree to their demands.

Schwarzenegger, Macron riff on Trump´s campaign slogan in selfie video

12:42 Uhr
Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and recently elected French president Emmanuel Macron are showing their commitment to fighting climate change — and their condemnation of U.S. President Donald Trump —in a not-so-subtle selfie video.

5 London tower blocks evacuated over fire safety concerns

08:58 Uhr
Thousands of residents in a northwest London housing estate have been forced to leave their apartments after fire checks found the buildings to be unsafe.

U.K. finds 34 high-rise apartment buildings with unsafe siding

08:58 Uhr
Britain´s fire-safety crisis expanded substantially Saturday as authorities said 34 high-rise apartment blocks across the country had cladding that failed fire safety tests.

South Korean president calls for North Korean Olympic participation

08:44 Uhr
South Korea President Moon Jae-in says he hopes to see North Korean athletes at next year´s Winter Olympics in South Korea to ease tensions over the North´s nuclear program.

Suicide bomber blows himself up as Saudis foil Mecca plot

07:48 Uhr
Security forces in Saudi Arabia say they"ve disrupted a plot to attack the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

Sand sculpture festival brings movie characters to Belgian beach

07:02 Uhr
A beach in Belgium has been transformed into a giant sandy gallery, featuring larger-than-life super heroes, cartoon characters and Cinderella´s castle, for one of the world´sbiggest sand-sculpture festivals.

Death toll from Pakistan attacks climbs to 73

05:44 Uhr
A Pakistani official says the death toll from twin blasts claimed 55 lives overnight. That brings the overall death toll from three separate attacks on Friday to 73.

15 bodies found after landslide buries scores in China

22:31 Uhr
Crews searching through the rubble left by a landslide that buried a mountain village under tonnes of soil and rocks in southwestern China on Saturday found 15 bodies, but about 100 more people remained missing.

120 people feared buried in China landslide

22:31 Uhr
It´s believed more than 120 people have been buried in a massive landslide triggered by heavy rain in southwestern China.

10 confirmed dead after landslide buries scores in China

22:31 Uhr
Crews searching through the rubble left by a landslide that buried a mountain village under tonnes of soil and rocks in southwestern China on Saturday found 10 bodies, but about 100 more people remained missing.

100 people feared buried in China landslide

22:31 Uhr
County government in southwestern China says around 100 people from 40 homes feared buried in landslide.

U.S. senators ask military to clarify role in Yemen torture

20:53 Uhr
Pressure mounted on the U.S. Defence Department Friday after multiple senators called for investigations into reports that U.S. military interrogators worked with forces from the United Arab Emirates who are accused of torturing detainees in Yemen.

Highrises evacuated in London amid safety concerns about cladding

18:10 Uhr
Camden Council has decided to evacuate some 800 units in apartment buildings it owns because of safety concerns, following the devastating fire that killed 79 people in London.

Mistrial declared again in fatal shooting committed by Cincinnati police officer

14:25 Uhr
A mistrial was declared Friday in the murder retrial of a white University of Cincinnati police officer after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked on charges in the fatal traffic stop shooting of an unarmed black motorist.

5 people die after being electrocuted at water park in Turkey

13:25 Uhr
Five people, including two teenagers and a 12-year-old, died Friday after being electrocuted at a water park pool in northwest Turkey, according to local media reports.

Want to do business in Russia? Be ready to hand over your source code

11:54 Uhr
Authorities are asking Western tech companies to allow them to review source code for security products such as firewalls and anti-virus applications before they can be sold.

Making a Murderer´s Brendan Dassey should be retried or released, says appeals panel

11:15 Uhr
The confession of a Wisconsin inmate featured in the Netflix series Making a Murderer was improperly obtained and he should be retried or released from prison, a three-judge U.S. federal appeals panel ruled.

Ferguson settlement with Michael Brown´s family is $1.5M, attorney says

10:08 Uhr
The insurance company for the city of Ferguson, Missouri, paid $1.5 million US to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Michael Brown´s parents, the city attorney said Friday.

Trump suggests he made claims about tapes to keep Comey honest

09:49 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump suggests he was just trying to keep former FBI director James Comey honest with his cryptic tweet implying there might be recordings of their private conversations.

Johnny Depp sparks controversy with presidential assassination quip

08:40 Uhr
Johnny Depp has asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival when was the last time an actor assassinated a president.

Johnny Depp apologizes, says Trump assassination quip was "bad joke"

08:40 Uhr
Johnny Depp is apologizing for a "bad joke" about assassinating U.S. President Donald Trump during an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in Britain.

Son of Russian spies regains Canadian citizenship

08:02 Uhr
The Toronto-born son of Russian spies has won a court battle to regain his Canadian citizenship after it was revoked by Ottawa.

British police lay terror-related murder charges against alleged mosque attacker

07:18 Uhr
British police on Friday laid terrorism-related murder and attempted murder charges against a man after a van was driven at Muslim worshippers leaving a mosque following prayers earlier this week.

Grenfell Tower fire started in fridge freezer, criminal charges being considered

05:58 Uhr
A fire that engulfed a London apartment block, killing at least 79 people earlier this month, started in a fridge freezer, police in the U.K. city say.

North Korea says it is the "biggest victim" in death of Otto Warmbier

05:25 Uhr
North Korea denies it cruelly treated or tortured an American student who was detained for more than year and died in the United States days after being released in a coma.

Trump´s ´tapes" blooper could go down as "one of the greatest own goals in political history"

05:00 Uhr
Mr. President, just say no. Instead, Donald Trump’s refusal to confirm whether he ever kept secret ´tapes" of conversations with former FBI director James Comey likely set in motion a cascade of testimonies, Watergate comparisons and an investigation for obstruction of justice.

Car bomb in southwest Pakistan leaves at least 11 dead

02:47 Uhr
A powerful car bombing near the office of the provincial police chief in southwestern Pakistan on Friday killed 11 people and wounded 20, officials said.

Separate bombings in Pakistan kill at least 28

02:47 Uhr
A powerful car bombing near the office of the provincial police chief in southwestern Pakistan on Friday killed 11 people and wounded 20, officials said.

Multiple bombings in Pakistan kill at least 40

02:47 Uhr
Bombs killed at least 40 people in Pakistan on Friday, with a suicide car bomber killing 13 in the southwestern city of Quetta, and two blasts later claiming at least 27 lives in the northwestern town of Parachinar, officials said.

Qatar´s neighbours issue list of demands as diplomatic dispute continues

23:26 Uhr
Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that cut ties to Qatar have issued a steep list of demands to end the crisis, insisting that their Persian Gulf neighbour shutter Al-Jazeera, cut back diplomatic ties to Iran and close down a Turkish military base in Qatar.

North Korea tests rocket engine, U.S. officials say

20:08 Uhr
North Korea has carried out another test of a rocket engine that the U.S. believes could be part of its program to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile, a U.S. official told Reuters.

Montreal suspect in Michigan airport stabbing had tried to buy a gun, FBI says

17:46 Uhr
A 49-year-old Montreal resident, suspected of stabbing a police officer at a Michigan airport, tried and failed to buy a gun before purchasing the knife allegedly used in the attack, the FBI said Thursday.

Man walks free after 36 years as federal judge throws out murder conviction

15:57 Uhr
John Floyd was imprisoned for 36 years, until a federal judge threw out his murder conviction and life sentence for a newspaper editor´s stabbing in New Orleans.

Edgar Welch, "pizzagate" gunman in Washington, sentenced to 4 years in prison

14:57 Uhr
Edgar Welch was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison for firing an assault rifle inside a Washington, D.C., restaurant during his own investigation of a conspiracy theory dubbed pizzagate.

Donald Trump says he didn´t record Comey conversations

13:12 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump says he does not have recordings of conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.

Al-Shabab claims responsibility for suicide blast that killed 7 outside Mogadishu police station

12:38 Uhr
At least seven people are dead and a dozen wounded after a suicide car bomb blast at a police station in Somalia´s capital of Mogadishu, police and an ambulance service said Thursday.

Republicans unveil bill to replace Obamacare, change Medicaid

11:17 Uhr
U.S. Senate Republicans released their long-awaited bill Thursday to dismantle much of Barack Obama´s health-care law, proposing to cut Medicaid for low-income Americans and erase tax boosts that Obama imposed on high earners and medical companies to finance his expansion of coverage.

6.8-magnitude earthquake measured in Guatemala´s Pacific coast

10:37 Uhr
A major earthquake struck off the coast of Guatemala on Thursday, damaging buildings and downing trees as well as causing powerful tremors in neighbouring El Salvador.

Champs Elysees attacker had arsenal of weapons: prosecutor

10:25 Uhr
The man behind this week´s attempted attack in Paris´s Champs Elysees had been to Turkey several times in 2016 where authorities questioned him over large amounts of gold and jewelry in his possession, and had a huge arsenal of weapons, the Paris prosecutor said.

"I don´t want you to get shooted": Child pleads to mother after Castile shooting

08:51 Uhr
In the moments after a Minnesota police officer fatally shot Philando Castile, his handcuffed girlfriend began screaming in the back of a patrol car as her four-year-old daughter begged her to stop.

Bill Cosby trial: panel almost evenly split through deliberations, says juror

08:37 Uhr
A juror in Bill Cosby´s sexual assault trial, the second to speak out after the jury deadlocked in the case, said Thursday the panel was almost evenly split in its deliberations.

Bill Cosby trial: 2 holdouts refused to convict, says juror

08:37 Uhr
After 52 hours of tense deliberations, two holdouts in Bill Cosby´s sexual assault trial refused to convict the 79-year-old comedian, a juror told ABC News.

Church of England apologizes, admits it "colluded" with bishop to hide sexual abuse

08:31 Uhr
The Church of England "colluded" with and helped to hide the long-term sexual abuse of young men by one of its former bishops, the head of the church said Thursday.

London man died after mosque attack from "multiple injuries"

08:19 Uhr
London police say 51-year-old man found dead after mosque attack last week died of "multiple injuries."

Combustible cladding could be on 600 highrise buildings in England: PM

06:56 Uhr
The British prime minister estimates there are 600 highrise buildings in England have cladding made of materials similar to what was found in a devastating west London fire.

Prince Harry says nobody wants to be king or queen

06:21 Uhr
Prince Harry said no one in Britain´s royal family wants to be king or queen and criticised a decision to force him to parade behind his mother Princess Diana´s coffin after her death in 1997, according to an interview with a U.S. magazine.

Four more arrests linked to Brussels rail station attack

05:31 Uhr
Belgian authorities said Thursday that police detained four people in a series of raids in Brussels linked to the failed bombing at a rail station this week by a man reportedly shouting "Allahu akbar."

Suicide car bombing in Afghanistan kills 29

05:19 Uhr
A huge suicide car bombing struck Thursday outside a bank in Afghanistan´s southern Helmand province, targeting Afghan troops and government employees waiting to collect their salaries ahead of a major Muslim holiday and killing at least 29 people, officials said.

Prince Philip leaves hospital after treatment

05:12 Uhr
Buckingham Palace says Prince Philip has left a London hospital after receiving treatment for an infection. Philip, who is 96, was admitted on Wednesday as a precautionary measure.

Tropical storm Cindy brings heavy rain, rough weather to U.S. Gulf coast

02:35 Uhr
Gulf Coast states were in for a third day of rough weather as Tropical Storm Cindy sloshed ashore early Thursday in southwestern Louisiana.

Heavy rain, rough weather along Gulf coast as tropical storm Cindy nears

02:35 Uhr
​Gulf Coast states are in for a third day of rough weather today with tropical storm Cindy, blamed for one death in Alabama, expected to keep churning seas and spin off bands of severe weather from east Texas to northwestern Florida.

ISIS blows up historic Mosul mosque where it declared caliphate, Iraqi military says

20:55 Uhr
ISIS militants on Wednesday blew up the Grand al-Nuri Mosque of Mosul and its famous leaning minaret, an Iraqi military statement said.

For weeks, Republicans hid their "monster" health-care bill. Now they"ll ram it through a Senate vote

20:17 Uhr
Senate Republicans will finally unveil details about a highly politicized bill to overhaul American health care after weeks of criticism for crafting the bill in secret, but the planned reveal on Thursday will likely be too late to shield them from bipartisan criticism.

Russia cancels meeting with U.S. diplomat after sanctions

17:49 Uhr
Russia on Wednesday cancelled a high-level meeting between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and U.S. Undersecretary of State Thomas Shannon after the U.S. strengthened sanctions against Russia.

Tropical storm Cindy threatens U.S. Gulf Coast

16:23 Uhr
Tropical storm Cindy is heading toward landfall on the Texas-Louisiana border, threatening to bring flash floods from Texas to Florida, according to the U.S. NationalHurricane Center.

"Now is the time to speak up," says former North Korean prisoner after Otto Warmbier´s death

15:38 Uhr
Kenneth Bae was heartbroken when learned that a U.S. college student had died less than a week after he was released from a North Korean prison camp.

Spain takes down suspect it says was connected to ISIS

13:38 Uhr
Police on Wednesday arrested three Moroccans, including a suspected member of the Islamic State group considered to be a clear threat to national security, Spain´s Interior Ministry said.

South Sudan no longer has "famine," UN says, but 2 million remain near starvation

12:10 Uhr
South Sudan no longer has areas in famine, but almost two million people are on the brink of starvation and an estimated six million people — half the population — will face extreme food insecurity between June and July,

U.S. Supreme Court ruling may hurt claims of talc link to cancer

11:39 Uhr
Juries have awarded more than $300 million US to women who claimed they got ovarian cancer from using talcum powder. Those decisions, and future cases, could be moot due to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week.

Canadian named as suspect in Michigan airport knife attack

11:12 Uhr
The FBI has identified a Canadian named Amor Ftouhi as the suspected attacker in the stabbing of a police officer at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Mich., Wednesday.

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Wahl USA 2016
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Virtual Reality
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