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To end "whining and moaning" over Brexit, Nigel Farage proposes referendum re-do

10:13 Uhr
The man who has made a career out of hating the European Union has floated the idea of a second Brexit referendum as a way of ending the debate once and for all, writes Margaret Evans.

Death toll rises to 6 after winter storm blasts northern Europe

10:03 Uhr
A powerful storm pummeled Europe with high winds and snow, killing at least six people in three countries, grounding flights, halting trains, ripping roofs off buildings and flipping over trucks.

Trump appears unyielding on Mexican wall, despite chief of staff´s comments

10:01 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump insisted Thursday in a series of tweets that his views on a border wall with Mexico have not evolved, pushing back against his own chief of staff´s comments to lawmakers.

Tax reform prompts Apple to pay $38B tax bill to bring home $245B in foreign profits

09:58 Uhr
Apple plans to build a new corporate campus and hire 20,000 U.S. workers in an expansion driven in part by a tax cut that will enable the iPhone maker to bring an estimated $245 billion US back to its home country.

Scientists seek super-shot for flu 100 years after pandemic

09:50 Uhr
A century after one of history´s most catastrophic disease outbreaks, scientists are rethinking how to guard against another super-flu like the 1918 influenza that killed tens of millions as it swept the globe.

Palestinian man killed, another arrested as Israel hunts for rabbi´s killer

09:38 Uhr
Israeli officials said special forces hunting the killers of a West Bank settler raided a home before dawn Thursday, killing a Palestinian suspect in a firefight that also wounded two Israeli officers.

New Zimbabwe president says election could be held in May or June

08:33 Uhr
Zimbabwe´s president says elections will be in May or June, as he faces pressure at home and abroad to deliver a credible vote to cement his legitimacy.

Bus fire in Kazakhstan kills 52 along route used by migrant workers

08:29 Uhr
A bus fire in northwestern Kazakhstan killed 52 Uzbek citizens on a route used by migrant workers heading to Russia, the Kazakh Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

U.S. Congress set to vote on funding bill to avoid government shutdown

07:52 Uhr
Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress are stepping up their efforts to pass a temporary extension in funding government operations and avert a shutdown, scheduling a vote on the measure for later today.

Grandparents of starved, shackled children in California shocked at the news

07:09 Uhr
The grandparents of 13 starved and tortured children say their son´s family looked happy and healthy when they last visited the family in California six years ago.

Lawyers for Montreal man accused in Michigan airport stabbing want a charge dropped

07:02 Uhr
Amor Ftouhi, a Montreal resident, is charged with committing an act of violence and interfering with security. But in a court filing Wednesday, his lawyers say the two charges really are the same offence and would illegally expose him to a double punishment.

Trump continues attacks on U.S. media, releases "Fake News Awards"

05:29 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump revealed his promised "Fake News Awards" late Wednesday, continuing his assault on American media while claiming on Twitter that there is "lots of GOOD NEWS for the American people to be proud of!"

In world first, drone rescues 2 swimmers off Australian beach

04:25 Uhr
A drone rescued two swimmers off an Australian beach on Thursday, a world first for the fast-developing technology that seems perfectly suited to saving lives at sea, authorities said.

Exercise? I get more than people think, Trump says

01:10 Uhr
Do not expect U.S. President Donald Trump to hit the gym, despite his doctor´s orders. He gets plenty of exercise on the golf course and at the White House complex, the president says.

No record that required inspections be conducted at California "horror house" where 13 children were kept

21:09 Uhr
City officials couldn´t find any records that the fire marshal conducted required annual inspections at a California home that doubled as a private school where authorities say 13 malnourished siblings were kept captive in filthy conditions by their parents.

Tillerson signals open-ended U.S. presence in Syria, seeks patience on Assad´s removal

20:10 Uhr
Rex Tillerson on Wednesday signalled an open-ended military presence in Syria as part of a broader U.S. strategy to preven ISIS´s resurgence, pave the way diplomatically for the eventual departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and curtail Iran´s influence.

Hawaii´s false alarm should prompt talk about what to do if there´s a nuclear attack: expert

18:31 Uhr
A generation of Americans knew just what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, or during a major false alarm like the one over the weekend in Hawaii: take cover in a building with a fallout shelter symbol. But these days that might not be the best option, or even an option at all.

British lawmakers back Brexit legislation, but bill faces scrutiny from pro-EU upper house

15:49 Uhr
British lawmakers vote in favour of the government´s legislative blueprint for Brexit on Wednesday, marking a victory for Prime Minister Theresa May over political opponents who want a softer approach to leaving the European Union.

Trump says Russia helping North Korea skirt sanctions

15:35 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump says Russia is helping North Korea get supplies in violation of international sanctions, that he was considering a big "fine" for China´s alleged theft of intellectual property; and that he has lost all trust in the chief Democratic Party negotiator on immigration in the Senate.

Steve Bannon expected to be interviewed as part of Mueller´s special counsel probe

15:20 Uhr
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller´s investigators, according to reports.

"Alarmingly premature" return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar worries aid groups

13:31 Uhr
A deeper dive into the day´s most notable stories with The National´s Jonathon Gatehouse.

Republican senator blasts Trump´s press attacks, recalls rhetoric of Stalin

13:02 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump´s use of the terms "fake news" and "enemy of the people" is ´shameful" and reminiscent of words infamously used by Russian dictator Josef Stalin to describe his enemies, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake says in a speech on Capitol Hill.

World´s biggest underwater cave found in Mexico

12:56 Uhr
A group of divers has found a connection between two underwater caverns in eastern Mexico to reveal what is believed to be the biggest flooded cave on the planet, a discovery that could help shed new light on the ancient Maya civilization.

Why this Chilean abuse survivor refuses to accept Pope Francis" apology

11:55 Uhr
Pope Francis apologized Tuesday to Chilean victims of sexual abuse by priests, but survivor Juan Carlos Cruz says his words are just "empty headlines."

Bitcoin slumps below $10K US, then rebounds even as regulatory fears intensify

10:41 Uhr
Bitcoin skidded below $10,000 US on Wednesday, halving in value from its peak price, before rebounding, with investors gripped by fears regulators could clamp down on the volatile cryptocurrency after it rose so much last year.

Big swings continue as bitcoin briefly dips below $10K US

10:41 Uhr
The volatility of the digital currency markets was on display again Wednesday, as bitcoin briefly fell below $10,000 US before rebounding back above $11,000.

Saudi Arabia to transfer $2B to Yemen after urgent plea from war-torn country

10:40 Uhr
Saudi Arabia´s King Salman has ordered the transfer of $2 billion to Yemen, a day after Yemen´s Saudi-backed prime minister made an urgent appeal to the kingdom and its allies to save the local currency from "complete collapse."

2 Canadians kidnapped on road to capital in Nigeria

10:37 Uhr
Global Affairs Canada confirmed to CBC News it is aware of reports that two Canadian citizens have been abducted in a deadly confrontation in central Nigeria.

Catalan parliament meets for 1st time since election, but deep divisions remain

09:55 Uhr
Catalonia´s new parliament elected a pro-secession speaker, virtually guaranteeing that the chamber´s push for independence for Spain´s northeastern region will continue as its lawmakers prepare to elect a new government.

YouTube pulls ads from more channels over offensive content

09:42 Uhr
​Alphabet Inc´s Google is making its second attempt in less than a year to protect advertisers on its YouTube user channels from being associated with videos featuring violence, gore or bad language.

Child-care benefits need to be updated, says Canada-U.S. council on women in business

09:10 Uhr
Child-care benefits and other family policies need to be updated to help support women entrepreneurs grow their business, recommends the first report from the Canada-U.S. council on women in business.

Former CIA officer charged with illegally possessing documents

09:07 Uhr
A former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency officer has been arrested and charged with illegally retaining classified records, including names and phone numbers of covert CIA assets.

Joshua Wong, Hong Kong activist in Umbrella Movement protests, imprisoned 3 months

08:39 Uhr
A Hong Kong court on Wednesday sentenced democracy activist Joshua Wong to three months in prison for contempt, his second term behind bars stemming from his role in 2014´s so-called Umbrella Movement protests.

2 Koreas to form 1st joint Olympic team, march together in opening ceremony

08:14 Uhr
The rival Koreas have agreed to form their first unified Olympic team and have their athletes parade together for the first time in 11 years during the opening ceremony of next month´s Winter Olympics in South Korea, officials say.

U.S. cuts $65M in Palestinian aid for now, prompting UN donations appeal

07:04 Uhr
The head of the UN agency that provides aid to Palestinian refugees is appealing for world donations after the United States withheld about half its planned funding for the organization, a move he said risks instability in the region.

Steve Bannon refuses to comply with U.S. House subpoena

01:07 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump´s former chief strategist Steve Bannon declined on Tuesday to comply with a subpoena ordering him to answer questions from a U.S. House intelligence panel about his time at the White House as part of its investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election.

North Korea to send cheering squad in Olympics delegation

22:18 Uhr
North Korea plans to send a 230-member cheering squad to South Korea as part of its delegation to next month´s Winter Olympics, Seoul officials said Wednesday, the latest in a series of conciliatory gestures the North has abruptly taken recently following a year of heightened nuclear tension.

2 Koreas talk about Olympic co-operation ahead of IOC meeting

22:18 Uhr
The two Koreas are meeting Wednesday for the third time in about 10 days to continue their discussions on Olympics co-operation, days ahead of talks with the IOC on North Korean participation in the upcoming Winter Games in the South.

"Failure was not an option," says Georgia firefighter who caught girl dropped from blazing building

17:15 Uhr
A county in Georgia has released dramatic footage of a child being dropped into the arms of firefighter Capt. Scott Stroup during an apartment fire.

Danish submarine owner Peter Madsen charged with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall

16:26 Uhr
Inventor Peter Madsen was charged Tuesday with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall during a trip on his private submarine, with prosecutors saying he either cut her throat or strangled her before dismembering her body and dumping it into the sea.

Bangladesh, Myanmar aim to return Rohingya within 2 years

15:25 Uhr
Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed that they will try to complete the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees who fled from violence in Myanmar within two years, Bangladesh´s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Rebel ex-policeman Oscar Perez among dead in Venezuela shootout

15:13 Uhr
Officials in Venezuela confirm that Oscar Perez, a rebellious police officer who led a brazen helicopter attack in Caracas last year, was among those killed in a violent shootout with security forces.

California mother of 13 children held captive had no idea why police were at her home

14:36 Uhr
California authorities say the mother of 13 children kept locked in filthy conditions was "perplexed" about why police came to their home. The children, ages two to 29, were so malnourished officers at first believed the older children were teens but seven turned out to be adults.

Hassan Diab, Canadian university professor once charged with terrorism in France, is back in Canada

14:06 Uhr
Canadian university professor Hassan Diab is back home in Ottawa after a nine-year ordeal that included three years in a French prison on terrorism charges.

Australia complains to WTO about Canadian rules on selling wine

12:09 Uhr
Australia has complained at the World Trade Organization about the rules applied to sales of wine by Canada and various provinces, a WTO filing showed on Tuesday.

No increase in earthquakes during full or new moons, study suggests

12:07 Uhr
The moon may be the cause of some things that happen on Earth, but earthquakes aren´t one of them, a new study suggests.

No, the full moon does not cause earthquakes, study finds

12:07 Uhr
The moon may be the cause of some things that happen on Earth, but earthquakes aren´t one of them, a new study suggests.

Leading Serb moderate in Kosovo gunned down, spurring police manhunt

10:36 Uhr
A leading Serb politician in northern Kosovo has been gunned down, raising ethnic tensions in the Balkans and prompting the suspension of EU-mediated talks between Kosovo and Serbia.

U.K. police say death of Dolores O"Riordan is not suspicious

10:25 Uhr
The death of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O"Riordan is not being treated as suspicious, British police said Tuesday. A friend said the singer sounded excited and "full of life" just hours before her death.

3 churches firebombed during Pope´s visit to Chile

09:55 Uhr
Three churches have been firebombed in Chile on the first full day of Pope Francis´s visit to the Andean nation that he opened with an apology for sex abuse by priests.

Pope talks of pain caused by sexual abuse of children on visit to Chile

09:55 Uhr
Pope Francis tells Chile´s priests that sexual abuse of children not only has caused pain to the victims but also to the priests who have been held collectively responsible for the crimes of a few.

Bitcoin prices drop as South Korea minister indicates ban still possible

09:45 Uhr
Prices of bitcoin and other digital currencies fell after South Korea´s top financial policymaker said a crackdown on trading of cryptocurrencies was still an option.

Japan´s public broadcaster sends false alarm about North Korean missile

09:30 Uhr
Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued a false alarm about a North Korean missile launch on Tuesday, just days after a similar gaffe caused panic in Hawaii, but the broadcaster managed to correct the error within minutes.

Ex-Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon meeting with House panel on Russia

09:12 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump´s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is meeting behind closed doors with a House of Representatives committee that is probing whether Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

Plan for joint Olympic team with North Korea gets icy reception in South

07:54 Uhr
While Seoul forges ahead with plans to use the upcoming Winter Olympics to showcase inter-Korean unity, some South Korean athletes are "furious" at proposals to form joint teams with North Koreans, highlighting a broader lack of enthusiasm for some of the government´s peacemaking plans.

Hundreds of teens in Denmark suspected of sending child porn

05:26 Uhr
Danish police say more than 1,000 people, mostly teenagers, face preliminary charges of distributing child pornography after sharing videos and photos on social media.

"Chains and padlocks": California police say parents shackled their children to beds

18:00 Uhr
A man and a woman have been arrested in California, accused by police of keeping their children shackled to beds with chains and padlocks in "dark and foul-smelling surroundings."

Gold medallist Simone Biles says she was also abused by former U.S. gymnastics doctor

17:23 Uhr
Biles, who won four gold medals and five overall at the 2016 Olympics, released a statement via Twitter on Monday saying she is one of the "many survivors" that were abused by Larry Nassar.

Venezuela says 5 ´terrorists" arrested others killed in attempt to arrest rogue pilot

17:18 Uhr
Venezuelan authorities on Monday arrested five members of a ´terrorist cell" linked to former police helicopter pilot Oscar Perez, and killed several other militants during a shootout in a poor area outside Caracas.

Gunbattle in Libya´s capital kills 20, closes airport

15:36 Uhr
Heavily armed Libyan militias clashed in Tripoli on Monday, killing at least 20 people and forcing the capital´s only airport to close, officials said.

Black Death spread by human fleas and lice, research shows

15:05 Uhr
The Black Death, which killed thousands throughout Europe in a pandemic stretching from the 14th to 19th century, was likely spread by parasites such as fleas and lice carried on the human body.

Turkey vows to "drown" U.S.-backed Kurdish force in Syria

13:11 Uhr
Turkey´s president denounces U.S. plans to form a 30,000-strong Kurdish-led border security force in Syria, vowing to "drown this army of terror before it is born," as Russia and Syria also reject the idea.

These San Diego activists were arrested for feeding homeless people in a park

12:59 Uhr
Shane Parmely and her 14-year-old were among 12 people arrested in El Cajon, Calif., for breaking an ordinance that prohibits food sharing on city-owned property.

Dolores O"Riordan, Cranberries lead singer, dead at 46

12:21 Uhr
Dolores O"Riordan of Irish band the Cranberries has died at age 46, according to a publicist for the singer.

Dolores O"Riordan, Cranberries lead singer, dead in London at 46

12:21 Uhr
Dolores O"Riordan, lead singer of Irish band the Cranberries, has died at age 46 in London, where she was recording.

Sunken tanker leaves 13-kilometre oil slick in East China Sea

11:35 Uhr
A stricken Iranian tanker that sank in the East China Sea has left a large oil slick, Chinese media and Japanese authorities say, as worries grew over damage to the marine ecosystem.

"Rainbow dinosaur" had iridescent feathers like a hummingbird

11:11 Uhr
Scientists say they"ve discovered a new dinosaur that boasted iridescent feathers, particularly on its head, neck and chest, with colours that shimmered and shifted in the light, like those of hummingbirds.

Woman dies after fire on casino shuttle boat off Florida Gulf Coast

09:54 Uhr
A female passenger has died hours after a casino boat caught fire off Florida´s Gulf Coast, forcing her and about 50 other passengers and crew to jump into the chilly waters to escape.

Floor collapses in Jakarta Stock Exchange tower, injuring dozens

08:56 Uhr
A mezzanine floor in the Jakarta Stock Exchange tower has collapsed, injuring nearly 80 people and forcing a chaotic evacuation.

France´s attempt to outlaw fake news raises controversy

08:54 Uhr
Can a democratic country outlaw fake news? France is about to find out, after President Emmanuel Macron ordered a law to quash false information disseminated around electoral campaigns.

"Nobody knew what to do": Hawaii missile-alert mistake feeds doubts over real emergency

06:58 Uhr
The blunder that caused more than a million people in Hawaii to fear that they were about to be struck by a nuclear missile is feeding skepticism about the government´s ability to keep them informed in a real emergency.

North Korea summit in Vancouver to focus on enforcing sanctions ahead of diplomacy

05:00 Uhr
There was a particularly enlightening moment of realpolitik on display recently at the U.S. State Department when the Trump administration outlined its priorities for this week´s North Korea conference in Vancouver.

Curling in Kosovo? This Canadian wants to make it happen

05:00 Uhr
How does curling fit in with Kosovo, a country that currently has no curling clubs or ice to play on? Like most things to do with the sport, there´s a Canadian involved.

Obama or Trump at royal wedding? Why Prince Harry and Meghan´s guest list may not get too political

05:00 Uhr
Diplomacy and politics have played out in the guest lists for previous royal weddings, but there’s a strong likelihood there may be fewer geopolitical considerations in the mix when invitations go out for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle´s ceremony in May.

Green rush, grey market: How free weed is firing up D.C.´s pot "gifting economy"

05:00 Uhr
In stoner-friendly Washington, D.C., a green rush is booming for marijuana products, courtesy of shrewd merchants who have cultivated a "gifting economy" to circumvent laws restricting retail marijuana.

Double suicide bombing in Baghdad kills at least 38

02:23 Uhr
Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a busy street market in central Baghdad on Monday, in back-to-back explosions that killed at least 38 people, Iraqi health and police officials said.

Comedian Aziz Ansari responds to sex misconduct allegation

00:33 Uhr
Comedian Aziz Ansari has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct by a woman he dated last year.

Trump defends self after comments, says: "I"m not a racist"

23:26 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump, on the defensive in the wake of recent disparaging comments about Haiti and African nations that have revived questions about whether the leader of the world´s melting pot is a racist, declared Sunday that he is not one.

Thousands in Philippines flee, brace for "hazardous eruption" of volcano

22:51 Uhr
The Philippines" most active volcano rumbled back to life Sunday with lava rising to its crater in a gentle eruption that has prompted authorities to order thousands of villagers to leave their homes.

4 still missing in Montecito as search and rescue ends, recovery begins

22:05 Uhr
Parishioners prayed Sunday for those killed and for families still searching for missing relatives in a Southern California community ravaged by mudslides, and authorities announced another body had been found, increasing the death toll to 20.

Vikings" Stefon Diggs scores miracle TD to stun Saints

20:30 Uhr
Case Keenum completed a last-ditch heave near the sideline Sunday on the game´s final play, as Stefon Diggs slithered away for a 61-yard touchdown to give Minnesota a 29-24 victory over New Orleans and send the Vikings to the NFC championship game with one more win needed to become a first-time Super Bowl host.

"Psychic warning": Some celebrities say Hawaii´s mistaken missile alert was more than just an innocent mistake

16:30 Uhr
The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said Sunday that Hawaii apparently did not have adequate safeguards in place to prevent a false emergency alert and that government officials must work to prevent future incidents.

Turkey vows imminent strike on Kurdish enclave in Syria

16:03 Uhr
Turkey´s president said Sunday the country will launch a military assault on a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria "in the coming days" and urged the U.S. to support its efforts.

"Huge panic": Turkish plane plunges toward Black Sea, all 168 aboard survive

14:23 Uhr
A Pegasus Airlines flight skidded off the runway of a Turkish coastal airport and plunged down a steep slope on the edge of the Black Sea, ending up only metres from the water´s edge. None of the 168 people on board was hurt in the incident, but passengers spoke of panic as the aircraft tipped nose first towards the sea.

Shot put kills referee at competition in Czech Republic

12:04 Uhr
A referee at a track and field competition in the Czech capital was killed when a shot put hit him in the chest. The Czech athletics federation says the accident occurred during an indoor youth competition in Prague on Saturday.

Male models accuse photographers Bruce Weber, Mario Testino of sexual misconduct

11:07 Uhr
In a sweeping new sexual misconduct investigation, the New York Times reported Saturday that several male models have accused famed photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino of unwanted advances and coercion.

Burning Iranian oil tanker sinks off China after collision, report says

08:36 Uhr
An Iranian oil tanker has sunk after burning for more than a week following a collision on Jan. 6 in the East China Sea, Chinese state media said on Sunday, adding that large amounts of oil were burning in the surrounding waters.

Tunisia, shaken by new protests, marks 7 years since revolution

07:00 Uhr
Seven years ago today, mass demonstrations led to the resignation Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the first leader to fall in the Arab Spring protests.

Bomb wounds Hamas official in Lebanon

06:39 Uhr
A bomb blast wounded an official of the Palestinian group Hamas in the Lebanese city of Sidon on Sunday, destroying his car, security sources and the Hezbollah movement´s al-Manar television station reported.

Strong earthquake hits southern Peru

06:24 Uhr
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the coast of southern Peru on Sunday morning, leaving at least one dead and several dozen injured, while causing homes and roads to collapse.

7.1-magnitude earthquake strikes off Peru

06:24 Uhr
A powerful earthquake struck off Peru´s coast early Sunday, prompting a tsunami alert for parts of the country and neighbouring Chile that was eventually called off.

Iran lifts block on Telegram app as protests wane

19:26 Uhr
Iran on Saturday lifted restrictions on the messaging app Telegram, the state newsagency IRNA said. The country´s government had blocked the popular service last month as security forces sought to contain the most widespread public protests in the country since 2009.

WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning to run in Maryland senate race

15:40 Uhr
The former soldier who was convicted in 2013 of leaking classified documents filed her statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

"This is not a drill": Accidental ballistic missile alert causes panic in Hawaii

14:21 Uhr
A false alarm that warned of a ballistic missile headed for Hawaii sent the islands into a panic Saturday, with people abandoning cars in a highway and preparing to flee their homes until officials said the cellphone alert was a mistake.

3 dead after ferry with schoolchildren sinks in Arabian Sea off India coast

12:23 Uhr
A ferry boat carrying mostly teenage schoolchildren sank in the Arabian Sea off India´s western coast on Saturday, killing three students, police said.

Man pleads guilty to hacking iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence and others

11:56 Uhr
A Connecticut man charged with hacking into more than 250 iCloud accounts of Hollywood stars and ordinary people has agreed to plead guilty, U.S. federal prosecutors said Thursday.

California agents seize singer Chris Brown´s pet monkey

11:26 Uhr
California fish and wildlife agents have seized Chris Brown´s pet monkey from his Los Angeles home.

Frustration mounts for mudslide-ravaged California town known for luxury and calm

09:28 Uhr
Frustrations and dark discoveries mounted for Montecito, a California town known for luxury and serenity, but ravaged by a destructive mudslide that has left at least 18 people dead.

Trump gets "excellent health" report from White House doctor amid mental fitness questions

07:47 Uhr
Donald Trump´s White House physician declared him in "excellent health" after the U.S. president received his first medical checkup at Walter Reed military hospital on Friday, amid suggestions in a recent book and by his detractors that he´s mentally unfit.

Rohingya insurgents say 10 found in Myanmar grave were "innocent civilians"

06:57 Uhr
Rohingya Muslim insurgents say 10 Rohingya found in a mass grave in Myanmar´s troubled Rakhine state last month were "innocent civilians," and not members of their group.

Rich Russians needing an exit strategy turn to Malta, where citizenship is for sale

05:00 Uhr
Malta lures millions of tourists every year with its dramatic Mediterranean scenery and historic sights, but increasingly it seems rich Russian visitors are attracted by something they can take with them when they leave — Maltese citizenship.

Diplomats scramble to contain outrage over Trump´s remarks

19:32 Uhr
U.S. diplomats scramble to salvage their nation´s bonds with Africa, Haiti and even the celebrated ´special relationship" with Britain after President Donald Trump, in the span of a few hours, deeply offended much of the world with the most undiplomatic of remarks.

Swiss ban against boiling lobster alive brings smiles — at first

15:52 Uhr
A Swiss effort to mandate kindness to lobster before they"re cooked could reach across the Atlantic Ocean to the East Coast lobster industry, but a New Brunswick company isn´t worried yet.

Trump again waives sanctions against Iran

15:31 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump extends waivers of key economic sanctions on Iran for the last time, he says, while urging Washington´s allies to fix the ´terrible flaws" in the Iran nuclear deal, or he"ll pull the U.S. out in a few months" time.

South Korea, Vietnam seek redress from U.S. through World Trade Organization

14:54 Uhr
South Korea has asked the World Trade Organization for authorization to impose annual trade sanctions worth at least $711 million on the United States, a filing published by the World Trade Organization showed on Friday, while Vietnam also has a seafood-related trade beef with the U.S.

Supermassive black hole caught "burping" twice after colliding with nearby galaxy

14:06 Uhr
Using two telescopes, astronomers have found a black hole at the centre of a galaxy 800 million light years away that has spewed material into space not once, but twice.

Britain´s Boris Johnson calls successor a "puffed-up popinjay" after cancelled Trump visit

11:19 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump cancelled a trip to London scheduled for next month to open a new embassy, a decision that was fine by Mayor Sadiq Khan, a frequent Trump foil, but lamented by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson calls London mayor "puffed-up popinjay" after cancelled Trump visit

11:19 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump cancelled a trip to London scheduled for next month to open a new embassy, a decision that was fine by Mayor Sadiq Khan, a frequent Trump foil, but lamented by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Spain scoffs at possibility Catalan´s Puigdemont could lead region in exile

11:04 Uhr
The Spanish government dismissed outright on Friday the possibility of former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont ruling the region from self-imposed exile in Brussels, and said Madrid would contest any attempt to do so in the courts.

Terrorism charges against Ottawa professor dropped in France

10:12 Uhr
French authorities have dropped terrorism charges against Hassan Diab, a former University of Ottawa professor.

British surgeon fined, avoids jail after burning initials onto livers of patients

09:49 Uhr
A British surgeon who burned his initials onto patients" livers during transplant operations has been fined the equivalent of $17,100 Cdn and ordered to perform community service.

Trump to undergo 1st medical exam as president amid questions over mental fitness

08:47 Uhr
Donald Trump will have his first medical exam as U.S. president today, after a week during which his mental fitness for the job has come under intense scrutiny.

Trump partly denies, also defends vulgar comments

07:03 Uhr
Donald Trump offers a partial denial in public but privately defends his remarks disparaging Haitians and African countries a day earlier.

Trump denies making vulgar comments on immigration amid international criticism

07:03 Uhr
U.S. President Donald Trump is denying that he used bluntly vulgar language in questioning why the country would accept more immigrants from Haiti and ´shithole countries" in Africa rather than places like Norway, comments that have drawn criticism from around the globe.

Africans "alarmed" by Trump´s comments about their continent

07:03 Uhr
Africans woke up Friday to find U.S. President Donald Trump had finally taken an interest in their continent — but not in the way they had wanted.

Facebook to emphasize friends, not news, in series of changes

23:00 Uhr
Facebook Inc. on Thursday began to change the way it filters posts and videos on its centrepiece News Feed, the start of what chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said would be a series of changes in the design of the world´s largest social network.

Why the Trump offshore drilling plan is another Canada-U.S. complication

21:32 Uhr
A proposal by the Trump government would allow offshore drilling in virtually all U.S. federal waters, including on the American side of Georges Bank.

Actresses and shows about women win big at Critics" Choice Awards

20:14 Uhr
It was a good night for women at the Critics" Choice Award, which honoured women-centred stories like Big Little Lies, The Handmaid´s Tale and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Amid new sexual misconduct allegations, James Franco among winners at Critics" Choice Awards

20:14 Uhr
James Franco, who had new sexual misconduct allegations levelled against him earlier in the day, was among the winners at the Critics" Choice Awards on Thursday, but the actor wasn´t on hand to accept his award.

Trump asks why U.S. would want immigrants from ´shithole countries"

18:33 Uhr
Donald Trump on Thursday questioned why the U.S. would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, referring to some as ´shithole countries," according to two sources familiar with the comments.

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München heute: Wiesn-Plakat 2018 / Plädoyer im Waffenhändler-Prozess / Münchnerin ist Deutschlands beste Lehrerin

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